Reseller Partner

  • 1st Open Your Website

    We develop a Website of your Software Company only in Rs.10,000 within 3 days. Then you can start your business by generating clients. We work for your clients and you become able to earn by sitting at your home.

  • White Label Reseller Agreement

    By white label reseller agreement, You become able to do business with your clients as your own product

  • Discover New Clients & Give Support

    We work for your clients and you will give support to them. We don't do contact to your clients from our sites.We keep it secret.

Indirect Partner    

  • Only a Formal Agreement

    If you don't want to do any website of yours or don't want to be our direct partner you can be an indirect partner of us.

  • Give us new Clients & get Commission

    Only you have to generate clients and we will work and get percentage of commission from us

  • Commission grows as per your performance

    As you generate more clients you will earn more and also you will get extra incentive as per our target achievement.