Reseller Partner

1st Open Your Website

We develop a Website of your Software Company only in Rs.10,000 within 3 days. Then you can start your business by generating clients. We work for your clients and you become able to earn by sitting at your home.

White Label Reseller Agreement

By white label reseller agreement, You become able to do business with your clients as your own product

Discover New Clients & Give Support

We work for your clients and you will give support to them. We don't do contact to your clients from our sites.We keep it secret.

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Indirect Partner

Only a Formal Agreement

If you don't want to do any website of yours or don't want to be our direct partner you can be an indirect partner of us.

Give us new Clients & get Commission

Only you have to generate clients and we will work and get percentage of commission from us

Commission grows as per your performance

As you generate more clients you will earn more and also you will get extra incentive as per our target achievement.

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